This page contains answers to frequently asked questions about SRJIS.

What is SRJIS?

SRJIS is the short form of Scholarly Research Journal for Interdisciplinary Studies.

What is the periodicity of the SRJIS?

Periodicity of SRJIS is bi-monthly.

What are the prerequisites for accessing the SRJIS web site?

You can access this URL (http://www.srjis.com) through Fire fox or Google Chrome or Internet Explorer from any computer that has internet connectivity. Any screen reading software must be installed on your computer to read the contents of the webpage.

What are the prerequisites to read the downloaded Article?

Latest version of Acrobat Reader is needed to read the downloaded PDF article.

How can I access this web site?

You are required to register yourself by providing all concern details provided in registration form

How can I get the User name and Password?

You can get User name and password immediately after the registration process which will be sent on your registered mail address.

How Can I view/Download my published article?

To view/download the published article, firstly you have to register, then you have to login, after this process you can view all articles and you can download the articles.

How to Deposit the Processing fee of the SRJIS?

SRJIS recommends depositing the processing fee through SBI Net Banking, Money Gram, Money Transfer or simply transferring the processing fee through SBI Bank (for Indians) for NRI you can deposit through net banking facility.

How can I get the Banking Details?

All required banking details are provided on cash deposit form, Bank Account Number, Branch Name, City Name, IFSC CODE, and SWIFT CODE.

Does SRJIS possess ISSN number?

Yes SRJIS possess e ISSN 2278-8808, Print 2319-4766.

How Can I get cash deposit receipt?

After the deposition of the cash you fill complete cash deposit form, after this you scan it and send scanned copy to editor@srjis.com e mail address.

How can I get Cash deposit form and Copy right form?

On web site on menu bar Authors link is available just you click the link go to downloads both form are made available there, download the both form.

How can I get Authors Guidelines for writing the article?

On web site on menu bar Authors link is available just you click the link go to Guidelines.

Can I submit articles online?

Yes, definitely you can send your article through online submission.

Does online published article available in Print format?

Yes, SRJIS has brought out the Online Journal into Print Version.

What is the Publication process of SRJIS?

Once, after the submission of the paper to SRJIS it will be sent to blind peer review process to reviewers, after recommendations of the reviewers’ suggestions are sent to author for the modification of the article and updated format of the article is accepted for SRJIS publication.

How many Days will require publishing the article after the submission?

After the submission of the article to SRJIS maximum three weeks are required to publish the article.

What is the accession charges of SRJIS?

SRJIS is open accessed journal, but you have to create your own account for login, otherwise you cannot able to visualize all content of the journal.

How one can submit the article through online submission process?

Open the online submission page, fill up all relevant information on page, upload your attachment through browser, once again confirm attachment properly attached, write the message and submit it.

How one can contact with SRJIS?

Open the contact us page of the SRJIS fill up the relevant information, your query, message, suggestion, and feedback and submit it.

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