Policy on Plagiarism

Policy on Plagiarism

The Specified research work or research activities are being conducted in various Scientific Organizations, Research Institute, Universities academic institutions, and industries across the globe with tremendous efforts and team work so they requires to platform to display and bring it in the focus of Scientists Academicians working at national and international level.

Research journals and Standard periodicals provide this platform to explore their ideas, innovations and invention at national and international level scientist, academicians and readers. Since from the last few decade it has been observed that a number of contributors are stealing the original intellectual matter and submit them in various research journals for the sake of promotion, name and fame.

This activity of partial or substantial copying others original intellectual matter is known as Plagiarism which is supposed to disease to scholars and academic world.

Scholarly Research Journal is one of the leading organizations who totally condemn and prohibits all types of Plagiarism activity and warns to be ready for very severe consequences.

Following action will be taken if someone is found in Plagiarism matter and if it is confirmed.

  • After consulting SRJIS Editorial Board and various research platforms which are the source of information, the plagiarist will be blacklisted and debarred from publishing his articles in our journals forever.
  • The head of the departments and the University to which the plagiarist belongs will be intimated with the stress to take serious action to the person concerned.
  • Such incidence of plagiarism will be published and intimated to the various research agencies due to which his/her activity will come in light.
  • In the next issue of our journal, It will be printed that this paper is plagiarized by this author and original work belongs to other mentioned author.
  • From the websites of our journals of that particular issue the paper of the culprit will be removed forever.
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