International Journal for Educational Research Studies

International Journal for Educational Research Studies

Editor Prof. Jazlin Ebenzer
e-ISSN 2454-5554
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Periodicity online Bimonthly
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Impact Factor SJIF 2017 = 4.933
Year JULY 2015

International Journal for Educational Research Studies (IJERS) is an  International Blind Peer Reviewed, Referred, Indexed & having Impact Factor SJIF 2017 = 4.93 Journal published online bimonthly with an aim to provide a platform for researchers, practitioners, academicians and professional from diverse areas of education disciplines to bring out innovative research ideas & practices. International Journal for Educational Research Studies is dedicated to publish high quality research articles on all aspects of education related to, Education and allied branches of education disciplines. International Journal for Educational Research Studies invites high quality research papers from all parts of the globe providing meaningful insights to research scholars. An International Peer Reviewed International Journal for Educational Research Studies is runes by well-known academician who is familiar with research field.

  1. To discuss the issues related to Education discipline.  
  2. To provide a unique platform for researcher, practitioner, academicians of Education discipline.  
  3. To disseminates & bring out innovative research ideas & practices related to Education discipline issues.

Scope of SR journal for Interdisciplinary Studies

  • Education
  • Educational Philosophy
  • Educational Psychology
  • Educational Sociology

Researchers are requested to submit only and only original paper.

Before submission please make sure that your paper is according to srjis Journals Format.

If you feel any difficulty in paper submission, please mail Us On.

About SRJIS Processing Fee

Scholarly Research Journal’s is a self supporting Journal and does not receive funding from any institution/government. Hence, the operation of the journal is solely financed by the processing fees received from authors and subscribers. The Scholarly Research Journals processing fee is mandatory for all contributory authors and subscribers after acceptance letter received from Editor or from other Scholarly Research Journals competent authority. Scholarly Research Journal’s required processing fee for handling and maintain the web site, to provide salaries to the technicians. The processing fee includes peer review, content edition and formatting of the article which is ready for On-line publication as well as for Print publication. Processing fee for Print journals also includes paper cost, colour print cost, again editing, formatting, and postage cost.

Hence Scholarly Research Journal’s ask very small amount to run this process very smoothly.



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